3 Ways to Prepare Your Home For the Coming Winter Months

With winter fast approaching in some areas of the country, it’s about time for homeowners to begin thinking about the winterization of their properties. No longer should your mind be worried about keeping your lawn green and your home cool for yourself and guest. Instead, as the fall and winter months come along, your attention should be switched over to how to ensure your comfortability and safety once the snow starts falling. To help get your home in good working order for those long, dark winter months, here are three ways to prepare your home for October to March.


Keep Your Gutters Clean and Clear

Depending on where in the country you live, you could have pounds and pounds of dead leaves piled up around your yard and on your roof. While the colors are always beautiful, the damage that can be done to your home if you leave these leaves unattended can be unimaginable.


According to Allstate Insurance, clogged or improperly cleaned gutters can be a huge water hazard for you home once the snow starts flying. If your gutters get jammed full of leaves and other debris, there won’t be correct siphoning off of rain and snow from your roof, potentially causing ice dams and other issues with standing water that could invade your home through your roof. To avoid this, make sure you take care of your gutters before the weather gets too cold.


Insulate Your Windows

During the summer, your windows are a gateway for the harsh rays of the summer sun to heat up your home. While you may have some kind of sunscreen installed to keep that heat out, you can also have a similar product installed for the colder months to help keep your heat in. Other items that will help to better insulate your windows from the bitter cold of the winter months include heavier drapes or curtains that cover the entire window, blocking out all possible entrances for the chilled winter air.


By insulating your windows throughout the blasts of winter, you can have a more comfortable home temperature without having to pay an exorbitant energy bill.


Double Check Your Heat Source

Regardless of the type of heat source you use to keep your home nice and cozy when it’s cold, you’re going to want to check that source to make sure it’s fully functioning prior to using it for the winter. The way to check your heat source also varies based on what you’re using to heat your home, whether that is an electric furnace, gas fireplace, wood stove or others.


As a good rule of thumb, especially for electric furnaces, Reuben Saltzman of Fox Business recommends for homeowners to have their heating source checked and cleaned by a professional every other year while it is under ten years old and then each year after that. This will ensure that you will nip any potential heating problems in the bud before you begin relying too heavily on it and are left out in the cold.

Proper preparation for the winter months will help keep your home in good working order and avoid any nasty problems that will make your cold months harder than they need to be. Simply start this process by cleaning your gutters, insulating your windows, and inspecting your heating source today.

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