4 Ways To Find Inspiration for Your Next Landscaping Project

So you’ve decided that you’d like to spruce up the landscaping around your home, eh? Well, the next step is going to be looking for some inspiration about specific aspects of your project then. And if you’re not already bursting with ideas yourself, where do you look?


Four ways to jumpstart your practical creativity in this matter are going to come from sources like website photo galleries, landscaping magazines, perhaps just a simply walk around your neighborhood, or maybe even visiting a landmark known for its architecture or outside appeal. Ultimately, the point is to find your own connection between what you want, and what can happen!


Website Photo Galleries


If you look at landscaping company website galleries, you’ll get all kinds of ideas about potential yard work opportunities. What’s great about specifically looking at the particular websites is the fact that if you really like something that they do, not only do you have the opportunity to do your best to copy it, but you can also just hire them! Depending on the costs and the benefits of different arrangements, decisions like that at an early stage can save you a lot of time and energy.


Landscaping Magazines


Another great resource for inspiration regarding landscape design are landscaping magazines. There are several popular landscape magazines that have both print and digital versions, and you can always search back through past issues as well for good ideas. Though many of the project described are going to be those of the ‘epic proportions’ group, there will probably be small small projects in there as well that you can emulate the basic look of.


Walk Around Your Neighborhood


A resource for inspiration that many people forget about is just a simply stroll around the neighborhood. Depending on whether you want to go with the basic style of the neighborhood, or fashionably against it, a quick walk around the block will give you a lot of data about what types of trees, bushes, walkway material, flowers, and plants your neighbors are using for their own ideas. You can cherry pick the best ones out there, avoid the worst decisions you see, and then create your own persona with the rest.


Visit Somewhere Famous

A final way to get inspired about your next landscaping project is to visit a local landmark known for its landscaping. This could be a famous garden, or a little nature preserve for instance. You can also look for lists of the most famous landmarks in the world and see which one is the closest. Though the landmark itself may not be what you’re looking for, if you check out its surrounding you may be inspired by that.

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