5 Personal Touches That Make Your House Feel Like Home

Furnishing a house isn’t just about style or function. It’s also about making it feel like home through personal touches, meaningful mementos, and the right amount of creature comforts. With a little care, every room in your house has the potential to feel welcoming. Here are some things you can incorporate into your décor to bring warmth to your home.


Photos of people and places you love will instantly make a space feel personal. Make a big visual impact by framing lots of small photos and arranging them in one spot, or by hanging poster-size prints on a gallery wall. You can make any small accent table feel intimate by displaying a single favorite image.


If you collect something, display it. Whether it’s books, figurines, beer mugs, or LPs, find shelving where your items can always be visible. You don’t have to display your entire accumulation, but have a space to show off your favorites. In addition to shelves or cabinets, you may be able to mount your collection in frames or shadow boxes.


Exhibit paintings, posters, or sculptures that speak to you and elicit an emotional response. If you collect pieces based only on size or color, they might look nice, but you won’t feel a connection. Impersonal art is what you see hanging in a hotel room or a clinic’s waiting room. While they might add cheer to a space, they’ll most likely feel bland.


Blankets, pillows, and rugs are both decorative and cozy. You can switch out textiles for each season, so not only are they practical, but they keep your décor looking fresh. Fuzzy area rugs, smooth silk pillows, and soft knit blankets can work in nearly any room. Curtains also add character and warmth to your home, though you probably won’t want to rotate them by season. You can even hang a great looking textile, such as a quilt or blanket, in lieu of art.

Sentimental Items

Show off something that brings back good memories. The item could be inherited, or it could be something new that reminds you of a place or person in your past. Books, games, or model figurines from your childhood can evoke nostalgic feelings, and they’re often visually pleasing. Display them on a prominent shelf. Shop at thrift stores and garage sales for things you were fond of as a child.

Personal touches are as easy as finding and displaying things you love. Just by adding one of two touches to a room, you can create an ambiance that reflects your unique character and tastes.

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