5 Reasons to Purchase a Nail Gun for Use in Your Home Renovation

Did you recently purchase your first fixer-upper? Looking forward to making use of your own two hands instead of hiring a contractor? Wanting to gain equity in your home? If so, it may be time for you to make your own home renovations. While there are many tools you will need for your DIY home renovation, one of the most important ones is a nail gun. Included here are a few reasons to purchase this important tool for your home renovation.


Avoid Smashed Thumbs

If you have ever had to perform a framing job at home, you are aware of how dangerous it can be for your fingers. Smashing a thumb while in the process of framing is a horrible feeling and can affect the entire rest of your project. Purchasing a nail gun will save you the grief of a swollen thumb by never having to touch the nails again (except for gun reloading). Nail guns handle the whole process of situating the nail for framing so you don’t have to worry.


Drive Nails Faster

The power of a nail gun is significant in shooting nails into the wood. With proper placement of your nail gun and firm pressure during the recoil, every nail will be properly driven each time. You will not have to waste time double-checking that all of your nails have been properly driven in each frame job.


Not to mention, by driving each nail into the wood more quickly, you are bound to save overall time on the job. When accuracy and speed are required in framing, the only option is to utilize a nail gun.


Simple Use

The machinery of a nail gun is a fairly simple process to understand. As stated above, with proper safety precautions adhered to and firm pressure applied during the shot and recoil, every nail should be properly applied. No more hassling with nails and framing hammers throughout the process.


Less Fatigue

While any framing job is sure to generate some exhaustion in the workers, working with a high-powered electric nail gun can save you some energy. The action of hammering is unnatural and generates a shockwave through the body each time you are engage the nail. While nail guns are heavier to carry around, it is a much less strenuous process.

Increased Accuracy

If you have ever had trouble holding your nail in the exact right position you will understand the importance of accuracy in framing. No one wants their nails to be angled or bent on application. With a nail gun, you are guaranteed to apply each nail straight into where you point the tip of the nail, no bends and no angles.

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