5 Tips for Giving Your Home a Good Spring Cleaning

Seeing the sun shine after a long, dark winter can be an encouraging and exciting moment. Spring time is filled with new beginnings, not only in your garden but also your home. After spending all winter holed up inside, it is likely that you are going to need a deep spring cleaning. Everything from the carpet to the ceilings will need a good cleaning, but where to start? Included here are a few of tips for your spring cleaning regime.

Rotate Furniture Outside

Have you ever noticed how there seem to be a lot of fragrances inspired by “clean linen”? This scent seems to originate from the refreshing aroma generated by freshly washed and dried items. Hanging clothes on the line to dry has long been a ritual that creates fresh, nature-scented garments and conserves energy.

Has your couch gotten a little stinky from too many months holed up? Rotate your couch outside to let it breathe in the fresh air. Beat the cushions to remove dust and allergens, and hang the liners up to air out. Moving all of your furniture outside can allow you to beat the dust out and incorporate a fresh scent while also leaving your home empty for a deeper cleaning.

Clean Carpets and Rugs

Deep cleaning the home means taking care of everything that is surrounding and under foot. Dirty carpets and rugs can have a significant effect on how clean your home feels and smells. Renting a carpet shampooer can be useful during this step and can allow your home to be thoroughly refreshed. However, be careful that any rugs that do not have waterproof backing are taken to a professional cleaner.

Wash Drapes

As you wash windows and dust the corners of your ceiling, you may notice your drapes looking a little dingy. While you are up on the ladder, take down the drapes and remove all curtain hooks. Many drapes can be washed in your washer, but you may need to have yours dry cleaned. After your drapes are fresh and clean, rehang them for a much brighter look in your living space.

Wipe and Dust

The amount of dust that can accumulate over winter is truly monumental. You will have surface areas covered in fuzzies, dirt and cobwebs galore. Take time to dust the windowsills, counters and shelves, and wipe down flat surfaces. For an extremely deep clean, consider taking a cleaning solution and a soft cloth and wipe down the walls of your home.

Wax Wooden Furniture

Drink rings on wood are one of the saddest accidents that can happen in a home. While your wood surfaces may have been covered with mugs and books all winter, spring is a great time to clear them off and shine them up. Wax all of your wood furniture to renew its shine and protect its finish for years to come.

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