Four Tips to A Bathroom That Sparkles

Remodeling your bathroom can be a long and tedious process, involving dust all over the house, months of workmen coming in and out, and lots of expensive work. If your house has only one bath, you might even find yourself showering at a friend’s house for a while!

The good news is that changing the look of your bathroom doesn’t have to be that way. You can give your bathroom a cheap, quick, and easy facelift over a weekend just by following these simple tips!

Choose Your Color

Repainting your walls is guaranteed to freshen up a room. Color has a big influence on the mood and feeling of a room, and the bathroom is a great place to experiment!

Bright colors will make your bathroom feel modern and dynamic. Because bathrooms often contain a lot of white ceramic, which breaks up the space, this is a good place to play with bright, vivid colors.

If your bathroom is small or cramped, a light color can give you some more space and make it seem larger.

Mirror Magic

Here’s a classic interior design trick – a large mirror can help to open a space up. Mirrors are an essential bathroom accessory, so this is a great place to implement this trick.

If your bathroom is low on natural light, a mirror arranged opposite the window will help to maximize the sunlight that comes into the room.

Beautiful Bath

If you don’t have the time or money for a full bathtub reinstall, there is an easy solution! A tub liner sits on top of your old bathtub and completely changes how it looks.

Add a new drain cover to complete the look – these can be matched to any of your old fixtures, and you will be amazed by how getting rid of your old rusty drains changes the appearance of your bathroom.

Details Decide

Add the finishing touch to your bathroom by carefully selecting the small details of the room! Small things like towels that match your color scheme, a well-chosen shower curtain, or a plush, comfy bath mat can pull your whole bathroom together.

A stack of books or some interesting art on the walls offers people something to do while they’re in the bathroom. It’s one room you’re guaranteed to spend some time in, so try to keep it interesting.

Great Job!

Follow these simple tips and soon your bathroom will be complete! A well-finished bathroom is a huge part of making your home décor come together. Your guests won’t believe it when you tell them you did everything yourself, and they will be amazed when you tell them it only took the weekend!

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