Four Ways To Protect Your Lawn From Anything

In the warm weather your lawn is your haven. If you have children, or a free spirit, you may want to make sure your lawn is always plush and friendly to bare feet. You want your lawn to look great, clean, and well groomed.


In the winter, depending on where you live, your lawn might be full of snow. Still fun for some, but something that can destroy your lawn, and it’s still not enough to keep away critters that want to destroy trees and plants in your yard on their search for food.


No matter what time of the year it is you want to take care of your lawn, and there are ways that you can do that.




A healthy lawn is created through healthy soil, and the amount of time you put into grooming and caring for your lawn. You may be afraid of some fertilizers, especially if you have kids and pets playing in your yard, but there are a lot of more natural options for fertilizing your lawn.


To somewhat fertilize and protect your lawn for winter, leave a thin layer of those autumn leaves out. They add a cushion of protection between the snow and your grass. However, you don’t want to leave mounds of them or it can suffocate your grass.


Avoiding Bugs


Bugs are another thing that can damage your lawn, trees, and even your garden. You may even have bugs that can harm you and your pets and children. Much like fertilizers, you don’t need to use harmful pesticides to free your yard of bugs. There are natural options that you can use to get rid of them.


Getting Rid Of Critters


There are all kinds of wild animal repellents out there, some of them are natural. You can do the old school thing and put some noise makers and pie tins in your garden to scare off raccoons. If you have a deer issue though your best answer may simply be fencing.


You may not want to fence your entire yard, but if you have a garden or fruit trees you may want to invest in some fencing that is made to keep deer out, and make sure you get the right height because they are great jumpers.




If the only place you have problems with weeds is a small garden or flower bed, you can simply spend some time each week pulling weeds. Look online for some homemade mixtures that you can throw together to spray on them.

If your yard is being invaded by weeds one of your best lines of defence is to mow often. Don’t over mow, but mow at the moment you notice it is needed. Weeds can choke out your grass, and keep your lawn mowed helps stop this from happening.

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