Growing Your Garden Vertically

When summer finally graces us with its presence, even if it is only for a short period, it brings along with it the joys of gardening. It’s often found that many people who have an interest in gardening forget about their little hobby, until the warmer weather returns. There are however, loads of ways in which you can enjoy gardening throughout the year, through maintenance and so on. Dependant on your garden size however, many people become put off by gardening and feel they simply don’t have the space for anything. This is where vertical growing comes in, it’s changing the way people look at gardening and becoming a very popular way to grow!

Vertical gardening is something that has become ever more popular as people have started trying to utilise the space in their gardens. It’s so easy to become carried away and go crazy with planting all kinds of exotic flowers all over your garden, however if you’re limited on space then it’s not always best to take it all up with flowerbeds. Vertical growing is an ideal way of taking advantage of a smaller space, as well as adding a really stunning feature to your garden.

Growing your flowers or vegetables vertically can have some huge advantages. For a start, you are able to maximise your current space and make the most out of it. Having your plants growing upwards will enable you to keep floor space free, enabling you to add other features such as a table or chairs. You could also look to adding privacy to your garden through growing your plants vertically. Having your wall or your fencing beautifully covered in flowers that grow above the top will increase your security and privacy, as well as creating a beautiful look that adds character to your garden. These reasons alone are perfect for introducing vertical gardening to your outdoor spaces, as privacy is key in any home.

There are however other benefits to growing your plants vertically, and these aren’t beneficial to the space saving elements. Having your plants growing up, off the ground enables them to become healthier. By allowing your plants to grow freely, upwards, you are enabling them to have more air circulation which reduces the risk of pests and disease issues. One of the main issues when it comes to plants withering or dying can be due to animals. From insects to foxes and squirrels, many animals take an interest in plants and it can often be the perfect chance for them to have a dig and a nibble without considering your gorgeous flowers!

Gardens are always designed with aesthetical appeal in mind. No matter how small or large your garden is, it’s key to make sure that your outdoor space looks great and is something to be proud of. Growing your plants vertically is another way of ensuring that your garden looks fabulous, as you’re able to show off your beautiful plants from a far, instead of having them all neatly positioned on the ground. You can look to growing plants such as Ivy, Honeysuckle and Wisteria, which are known for crawling up fences and walls. These plants will not only look great but also add character and life to your garden, brightening up your outdoor areas.

Introducing vertical gardening to your garden will also help you to define a space. Having a specific area for socialising could be defined by positioned three different features of vertical growing that will surround the area and define it really well. This opens up your abilities to grow different plants too. Having different sections of your garden dedicated to specific features such as a dining space, social space and fun space can really work well, creating a stunning look and also adding lots of character. Ensuring your garden works well for you is the key thing to consider, as you want to be able to enjoy your outdoor spaces whilst knowing you have put lots of hard work and effort into the finished product!

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