How to Create a Peaceful Cottage Garden

The cottage is always pictured to be a quaint, delicate home that looks beautiful and gentle. From fairy tales to real life, cottages are always presented in a lovely manner and create a vision of cute, country life tucked away behind a dry stone wall or neat arrangement of bushes. Whilst the interiors of a cottage are always pictured to be delicate, sweet and floral, it’s the exteriors that create the first impression and this will stay with anyone who passes by. To keep with the delicate feel of the cottage, it’s important to create a peaceful, relaxing garden that will emphasise the feel and atmosphere that the cottage holds. Here are a few ways in which you can ensure your cottage garden is as peaceful and quaint as can be.

No matter how large or small your cottage garden may be, you can really get stuck in with creating a beautiful space for you to enjoy. The typical cottage style garden often resembles a secret, enchanted feel. The best tip is to add beautiful arrangements of flowers and plants, but to choose types that require little maintenance. This way you don’t have to worry too much about spending lots of time keeping up with your garden, and you’ll have more time to enjoy it. Popular and elegant flower types that work really well in a delicate cottage garden are the likes of Foxglove, Lavender, Mock Orange, Rose and Delphinium. These beautiful plants will add colour and character to your garden, as well as creating a delicate, peaceful feel. Colour is a strong element to consider when creating a peaceful garden, as the colours incorporated into your garden will help you to relax and wind down, as well as attracting all kinds of wildlife that can enjoy your garden too.

Cottage’s often hold a slightly romantic, old fashioned feel to them, and for this reason it’s always lovely to keep that character locked into the look you create. Setting a romantic tone in your cottage garden is much easier than you may think, especially if you love flowers and colour. Pastel colours are a huge success when it comes to creating a romantic feel, incorporating pinks, reds, beiges and purples really captures the perfect atmosphere. Then you can consider your flowers such as Peonies, Roses, Hydrangeas and Lillie’s, which will really add to the overall character of the garden. Scents play a large part in the overall atmosphere of a garden too, therefore plants and flowers that hold a delicate, beautiful scent will really help to create a peaceful, relaxing outdoor space. You could look to including features such as a cute little potting bench or arrangement of flower pots, as this will add character but also come in useful with the maintenance of your garden too.

One feature that makes a cottage garden so quaint and peaceful is the fact that they are often surrounded by delicate dry stone walls or elegant bushes. Having a garden and home enclosed really adds to the privacy and secretive feel that cottages hold. The most popular types of materials for enclosing your garden are the likes of picket fencing, dry stone walls, lattice fencing, traditional fencing and even hedges or bushes. The way you present this part of the garden will give a strong first impression to what lies within, so it’s important to go with a style that suits you and your home. Cute details such as a gate and pathway will help add to the enchanted feel of the garden, and create a really lovely look. The overall feel of your garden will be peaceful and delicate, which is ideal for any cottage garden.

The final thing to consider when creating a peaceful, welcoming cottage garden is personality. How you inject your personality into your garden will really show and this will result in your garden feeling personal and complete. Personal touches can be made through all kinds of exciting and fun ways, such as introducing cute features such as gnomes, fairies and other figures that may help to add to the enchanted feel of your garden. Similarly, you may want to add features such as a simple yet stylish table set with chairs, or beautiful bird table so that wildlife can enjoy your garden too. These personal touches will enable you to feel relaxed and comfortable in your garden, and will create the perfect atmosphere too.

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