Picking the Best Lighting Fixture For Each Room In Your Home

When it comes to setting the ambiance of your home, one of the most important yet least thought about aspects of this ambiance is lighting. When the lighting is great, it can be easily overlooked. But when the lighting is poor, it can affect almost every other aspect of the room.

For this reason, picking the right light fixtures for each room should be a top priority when designing and decorating a room. To help in the process, here are some tips for deciding on each light fixture for every room in your home.

In The Kitchen

Kitchen lighting should be all about practicality and functionality. With so much work going on in the kitchen, you need the correct lighting to get tasks done effectively. According to HGTV, the best kitchens have ample amounts of natural light supplemented with ambient and task-based lighting. This could include both soft overhead lighting and under-the-cabinet lighting to make food preparation on the counters easier.

In The Dining Room

Lighting in the dining room is generally more about setting a certain mood than the lighting in other rooms of your home. However, with all the moods that you may want to be setting, what is the best way to accomplish the entire spectrum?

Debra Wittrup of Better Homes & Gardens suggests adding a dimmer to any form of lighting you choose to include in your dining room, whether that be a beautiful and ornate chandelier or sconces around the outer walls. By installing a dimmer switch to the dining room light fixtures, you can be prepared for any dining experience possible.

In The Bathroom

The right bathroom lighting should include both soft lighting for a relaxing and calm atmosphere as well as bright lighting around the mirror and vanity areas. When both forms of lighting are present, any bathroom tasks can be accomplished with ease. To get the most out of your bathroom lighting, Thomas Lighting recommends installing fixtures that are rated for damp locations in order to save your lighting from the moisture brought on by bathrooms.

In The Bedroom and Common Areas

Because bedroom and common areas are often used for similar activities—sleeping, reading, relaxing—the lighting in these rooms will also be similar. Aside from the differences in closet lighting, bedrooms and common areas should have both ambient and traditional lighting, according to HGTV. This can be best accomplished through floor lamps, sconces, and ceiling-mounted overhead lighting. Look for these lighting fixtures in forms that compliment your current decor to help tie the room together for a completed, polished look.

By figuring out the best forms of lighting for each room in your home, you can bring in the right amount of brightness along with the right atmosphere to each and every area of your home. So when deciding on the proper fixtures, look within the tips mentioned above to find ideas for the most ideal lighting.

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