Traditional Farmhouse Kitchen Design Ideas

The beautiful thing about farmhouses is the traditional yet unique design. Not one farmhouse holds the exact same design, everything is different in its own way and this really emphasises the quaint, characteristic feel. There are many different ways in which you can design your farmhouse to look stylish yet traditional, and one of the best rooms to play around with is the kitchen. The kitchen offers so much opportunity to design the perfect farmhouse style, and here are a few ways in which you can reinforce this style and create a beautifully welcoming kitchen.

One of the most popular features to any farmhouse design is the materials used. There are so many different materials used to create the ideal farmhouse look, however there are a few that are much more popular than others. wood, stone and cast iron. How you introduce these materials to your kitchen is entirely down to personal preference, as you can use them in many different ways. You often find wood used for worktops and kitchen units. If you feel your current kitchen units are old or dated, you may want to invest in some replacement kitchen doors. There are many different styles that you can go for, and for a farmhouse kitchen a popular style would be a Roma finish. This cut provides you with neat, beautifully carved units that stand out and look traditional and stylish. The great thing about this type of kitchen unit is that you can always paint it to the colour you wish, and popular farmhouse colours usually range from beiges, pale greens, reds and creams.

The layout of your kitchen often sits differently within a farmhouse. There are different features that are included and you often find that different appliances are also used too. In your typical, traditional farmhouse kitchen you often find they have a beautiful stone floor, easy to keep clean and also creating a dramatic, traditional feel. You then often find deep, thick wooden doors, usually oak, that are detailed with traditional black cast iron handles or pulls. This detailing really adds to the overall farmhouse feel and creates an old-fashioned atmosphere that is ideal within a farmhouse. Once you’ve established your materials and detailing you can look at how you wish to add your appliances and so on.

The functionality of a farmhouse kitchen is always a little different to your normal home. For starters, you often find farmhouse kitchens to have an Agar, which is constantly switched on to keep the kitchen and rest of the home heated throughout the winter. Having stone floors and wooden fixtures can also create add cold to the room, so having an Agar has always helped to keep the home warm and cosy. Alongside the Agar, you often find a traditional farmhouse sink. Farmhouse sinks are usually much deeper than your usual kitchen sink, and they offer much more space through their square shape. This kind of sink fits in perfectly with traditional Roma style kitchen units, and adds great character to the rooms overall look. With your farmhouse sink, you often find a tall, traditional faucet that compliments it beautifully. Having a tall faucet enables you to really get the most out of your sink and adds to the grand look that you have created. Here is where you can add simple detailing such as a traditional soap dish and a neat pot to hold your brushes and sponges.

With any kitchen, it’s important to include some essential storage. Storage can be the main feature that enables your kitchen to look neat, tidy and stylish. Storage can be introduced into your kitchen in many different ways, through kitchen units, and more traditionally through shelving. Many farmhouse kitchens include shelving in their designs, as this is a great way to store items as well as keeping things on display. Through shelving, you can create open storage and display all kinds of items from cookbooks, occasion dishes and collectable items. It’s often found that farmhouse kitchens contain many antiques, therefore shelving units are a great way to display these and keep them safe at the same time.

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