4 Often Overlooked Ways to Protect Your Home

With appropriate strategies and inventions, you can make your home a fortress. Well, you and I know of the basics like never leaving your doors or windows unlocked.

But again, a criminal is well aware that the chances of getting a door or a garage open are remote. And so they are always looking for ways to exploit the tiny loopholes that we often overlook.

This means that as much as you are doing everything else right, you need to start paying attention to the forgotten measures that can help fortify your home.

Here are 4 of the most overlooked ways to protect your home:

  • Be Wary of The Social Media Savvy Burglar

If you are like me, then the first thing you do when you land at your vacation destination is to snap yourself and post thrilling images of what you are up to during this latest holiday.

What you don’t know is that the modern day burglar is also tech savvy and could even be one of your friends on Facebook.

Now, when you post, he sees the status and swings into action knowing very well that you are not at home and that everything is up for grabs.

My advice?

Do not post those videos and snaps until you’re safely back home.

  • Don’t forget to make your home WiFi safe

You and your loved ones love streaming Netflix and chatting on Facebook so you have already invested in a super-fast WiFi connection.

And that’s where the risk is..

Hackers are looking constantly testing new sophisticated tools and if unlucky, he/she will hack your WiFi’s password and get access to your internet.

The cyber burglar will then have a field day collecting sensitive information like your credit card data which he can use to siphon money from your bank.

Now, you shouldn’t wait. Instead, you should set a complex password for your WiFi and also install protections for your internet access including a VPN router for your home WiFi.

  • Teach Your Kids

No matter their age, your children can be a potential blind spot so involve them in your security master plan.

Teach them about all the dangers when out there, for instance, why they should steer clear of strangers.

Tell them also why chatting with strangers online can risk both yours and their wellbeing. Let them know all the dangers of answering the door to everyone without cross-checking and why they should not play with the installed security cameras.

Informed kids are more likely to stay away from what could send them in harm’s way. They will also be more mindful of any strange happenings at your home.

  • Buy a Safe- But a smart One!

Today’s world is full of stories about breaches of mighty security controls thanks to technology.

But tech can also be the best medicine against its own threats.

This is what you do:

Buy one of the trending “wholly secure”— nifty Wi-Fi-connected safes. You see, the intelligent safe will first and foremost detect and send alerts to your phone of any awkward movements.

Additionally, in case you’re not in a position to help, it’s hard to fool to open so your money, passports, gold, jewelry, and more will all remain safe in a pretty innovative way.


Securing your home shouldn’t be as tall an order as it seems. At least, not with some of the basic and not-so-basic but often overlooked protective measures.

As we have mentioned, acting cautiously on social media can help especially when on vacation as well as installing VPN router for your home WiFi for tech-savvy burglars.

Bringing your kids into the security equation and investing in a smart safe may also play a huge role in buttressing your home.

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